Calling All Taylor Swift Fans! You Need This New App

Dana Covit

If you've ever found yourself pausing before you reply to a crush's text, or aren't sure how to dismiss a hater, you probably just need a little dose of Taylor Swift sass in your texting life. A new app called Tay Text allows you to drop Taylor Swift lyrics into your text messages at the simple tap of a key. Created by five Harvard Business School students who are big T. Swift fans, the app functions like any other keyboard app and currently has over 300 lyrics to browse from. The lyrics are organised by theme (Into You, Over You, Missing You, Haters, and more) to make for especially swift application.

Here are a few lyrics we hope turn up:

  • "Hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise / So casually cruel in the name of being honest."
  • "I can make all the tables turn / Rose garden filled with thorns / Keep you second guessing like / "Oh my God, who is she?"
  • “Got a long list of ex-lovers / they'll tell you I'm insane. / But I got a blank space baby, / and I'll write your name.”


Would you download the app? Tell us in the comments, then shop some of our favourite iPhone cases below!

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