We're One Step Closer to Ending Tampon Tax in Australia

Nicole Singh

Update 3.10.28: According to the ABC, the 10 percent tax on tampons and pads will be removed after states and territories agreed to make sanitary products exempt from the GST. It was addressed in parliament this morning, where treasurers unanimously agreed to pass the federal government's proposal.

"Stop taxing my period" is a slogan you've likely seen over the last few months as Australian women have been petitioning to have legislation passed to remove the $30 million GST from feminine hygiene products. And today, we're one step closer. 

According to Pedestrian, a short while ago, the bill officially titled the Treasury Laws Amendment (Axe the Tampon Tax) was passed through the Senate, with no amendments. Being propelled forward by Greens senator, Janet Rice, the push will see that the 10% GST currently levied on tampons will be removed.

Interestingly, tampons currently have sat in a "luxury" category since 2000 alongside products including condoms, sunscreen and Viagra (which do not incur the same fee). 

So where do we go from here? It's a step in the right direction, but we need the bill to pass the lower house. At this point, it is not expected to pass, with the coalition likely to block the bill. 

While we wait to see the change we need, shop one of our favourite organic tampon brands.

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