Inside a Jewellery Designer’s Bondi Home

Lauren Powell

Tamila Purvis, founder and designer of jewellery label, Maniamania is effortlessly stylish, just like her home. As the ex-Fashion Editor of Russh Magazine, she has also styled for Aussie fashion giants such as Zimmermann, Ginger & Smart and Alice McCall.

Purvis’s home is situated in Sydney’s iconic Bondi, and is as cool, charming and intimidatingly stylish as her jewellery designs. And with fans including Cara Delevingne, Chloe Sevigny and Alexa Chung—that's probably enough said.

The home is relaxed and effortless, yet super chic. The fittings and furniture are minimal and contrasted with bold furnishings—Derek Henderson prints adorn the walls, indoor plants own every corner and hang from the ceilings, tribal-inspired cushions fill the lounge and pastel-hued crystals decorate the surfaces. 

"We travel a lot and our house is a collection of things we've collected on the way," explains Purvis. "My jewellery is inspired by so many different cultures, from a trip to Morocco to India. Also Victorian and Georgian Memento Mori themes, which always reminds me that life is fleeting but not in a morbid way. More of a live in the moment way."

Scroll down to take the tour through photos by Dominic Loneragan for Citizens of the World.  

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