7 Sneaky Signs of an Underlying Thyroid Issue (and How to Treat It)

Kelsey Clark

Thyroid disorders are so common that one in eight women will likely experience a thyroid issue in their lifetime. But hypothyroidism, or low thyroid function, is by far the most ubiquitous, with 20 million Americans currently suffering from the condition.

"If your thyroid isn't working well, nothing in your body will," writes clinical nutritionist William Cole for MindBodyGreen, but "hypothyroidism is so common that it can be treated with something like disregard." Rather than letting your condition go untreated, Cole recommends taking inventory of the following seven symptoms, which could be signs of an underlying thyroid issue:

  1. Weak bones
  2. Low sex drive
  3. Weight loss or weight gain
  4. Low energy levels and fatigue
  5. Hot or cold flashes
  6. Hair loss
  7. Gut problems

To treat thyroid issues naturally, be sure to fill up on iodine-rich foods like brazil nuts, coconut oil, and maca powder while avoiding white bread and deli meat, says Cole. Thyroid expert Fern Langham also recommends daily hikes as a way to assuage the emotional symptoms of thyroid disorders, like anxiety, stress, and depression. Lifestyle changes aside, be sure to consult your doctor about any and all thyroid concerns or dietary changes to address them.

For more natural thyroid remedies, read up on the one balanced breakfast a thyroid expert swears by.

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