How to Make the Switch to a Sustainable (and Stylish) Life

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

Badlands Studio

Our thoughts of ‘going green’ or living a sustainable life can often be put straight into the ‘too hard basket’. But after reading on Sporteluxe about how these four Australian women have made the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, we are more inspired than ever to make the change for ourselves.

Changing to a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean never drinking from a plastic bottle again or forgoing brand new products for good, going green means reducing our carbon footprint in small doses. Neil Armstrong said it best, “That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” this couldn't be more relevant in today’s mass consumer society.

Find your motivation through their inspiring Instagram accounts below.

Sarah Wilson


As a journalist and author of best selling book I Quit Sugar, Wilson is a great source of inspiration for the woman who feels helpless but really wants to do good in the world. Plus her coconut banana bread is too good to ignore.

Anita Vandyke


Calling all foodies. Anita is an aerospace engineer student who is passionate about reducing waste. Don’t underestimate the young woman, she is very tuned in and her daily tips on making the switch are perfect if you want to make a slower transition.

Faye Delanty


Become best-dressed at the office by looking towards eco stylist, Faye Delanty. As the Salvation Army store ambassador you are guaranteed some uber luxe vintage pieces. 

Ethical Made Easy


For the blog lover. Ethical Made Easy is a sustainable fashion and lifestyle site with endless hacks, information, interviews and recommendations. Start scrolling.

Get on board and shop our favourite ethical products.

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