This California Food Trend Has Officially Landed in New York

Genevieve Fish

The sushi burrito is one of those brilliant food innovations that we can’t believe we ever lived without. It offers the textural satisfaction of biting into a burrito, the fresh flavours of sushi, and the convenience of fast food—all while replacing the corn-based tortillas of Mexican burritos with the extra-healthy seaweed wrap. To say we are hooked on these heavenly hybrids is an understatement.  

San Francisco–based restaurant Sushirrito pioneered the sushi burrito concept in 2010, but its innovative take on the maki, or hand roll, quickly became a West Coast trend. We love Oakland’s Torpedo Sushi. It makes a mean handheld, uncut sushi roll so stuffed with fresh ingredients that it will be sure “to demolish your hunger.”

And now Chelsea newbie Uma Temakeria has taken the trend bicoastal. Much like Chipotle, Uma Temakeria offers custom, made-to-order meals, with the freshest ingredients possible. Plus, Uma Temakeria’s seafood is entirely sustainable. Prepare your taste buds for greatness: The terramaki roll (a mixture of seaweed salad, daikon, carrot, avocado, lime, and sesame seeds—prepare to be amazed) is positively delicious!

Have you found a sushi burrito restaurant that is out-of-this-world good? Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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