How to Survive Wedding Season When You're Single

Wedding season is officially underway and though getting together with friends and family to eat, drink, and watch someone else get married is usually a guaranteed good time, the expense, preparation-stress, and dance floor-anxiety that one can face, especially when attending as a single lady, can get old—real quick. Bernadette Doykos of A Kaleidoscope Life wrote about this very topic and created a smart, real-world survival guide for those navigating the wedding scene solo this summer. Read on for our favourite takeaways. 

1. Watch the Bubbly

Curb your pre-dinner drinking to ensure you'll make it through the evening with your dignity intact. "Do not, under any circumstances, drink more than three glasses of champagne before dinner," the writer recommends. "Don't ask me how I know this."

2. Dress to Impress

Make sure to dress your best, you never know who you might meet. "Wear whatever makes you feel the hottest in," says Doykos. "Whatever you put on should make you feel either delightfully comfortable or make you say, 'Damn!' when you look at yourself in the mirror."

3. Dance

Commit to spending lots of time on the dance floor, even if you can't dance. As Doykos says, "it's the fun place to be."

4. Only Spend Time With People You Want To

Avoid any friends or family members who are bringing you down and only hang with those that bring you joy. "There will always be high school foes you'd like to avoid or family members who insist on only asking you about your life plans in a crowded room," says the author. "Avoid putting yourself in those situations and draw life and fun from those who you love the most. Weddings are joyful, remind yourself of that."

For more pointers on making the most of wedding season when you're single, head to A Kaleidoscope Life.

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