Later, Soup—3 Nourishing Superfood Bowls That Look (and Taste) Like Spring

Sophie Miura

Superfood bowls might have gained social media attention thanks to their colourful, aesthetically pleasing allure, but there's more to this food trend than good looks. Nutritionist and Nourishing Superfood Bowls author Lindsay Cotter says they're also a great way to add fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet.

"These bowls are a way for me to share the best synergy superfood recipes all in one pretty, round serving. They are easy to prep, easy to eat, easy to clean up, and very portable," she explains, noting they're a popular mainstay on her food blog, Cotter Crunch. "Basically, [they're] bowls full of key fuel and nourishment for us everyday folks." Bid goodbye to tired winter soups and whip up one of these colourful, nutritious options instead.

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