How to Make Over Your Sunday to Set Yourself Up for Success

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The secret to a productive, well-spent week starts on Sunday. It's no secret that the most successful people all have Sunday rituals they swear by—habits that refresh their outlook for the week ahead, put their goals in perspective, and get them back on track for a workweek full of met objectives and accomplished ambitions. As we head into spring, there's no better time to reassess your weekly routine and commit to adopting practices that will further your professional success and personal well-being. Just in time for spring-cleaning, we've rounded up our favourite ways to overhaul your Sunday schedule to set yourself up for a better life this season and beyond.

Kick-start your Sunday with a plan. Too often we breeze through a lazy Sunday morning only to find ourselves overwhelmed come nightfall with very few tasks checked off our to-do list. As soon as you wake up, draw out what you plan on accomplishing that day, also considering what you need to get done to set yourself up for a better week. This includes scheduling anything that needs to be put on the agenda, grocery shopping for meal prep, and also setting aside time for loved ones and self-care.

Get the big things done first. As tempting as it may be to snooze through the first few alarms of the day and put off the big things for the afternoon, tackle them as soon as you're up so you can really enjoy your Sunday rather than scrambling to do laundry or get groceries later on in the day when there are more tempting things to do. The earlier in the day you tackle your major tasks, the freer you'll be and more accomplished you'll feel when it comes time to do the things you really want.

Practice a personalised Sunday night ritual. Regardless of how much you may have accomplished during the day, how you finish off the final hours of the night will greatly affect how you begin the week on Monday. Take a look at the Sunday-night rituals of successful individuals and see what habits vibe with you. Integrate these into how you wind down at the end of the weekend so you wake up feeling refreshed, energised, and inspired at the start of the workweek.

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