15 Productivity Tips from Some of Australia's Most Successful Executives

Lauren Powell

This is one thing in life we know for sure: Time is precious, time is money, and time is limited—and this is the exact reason we aim to boost our efficiency and productivity day after day. We’re constantly aspiring to work smarter, not harder, and introduce time-saving life hacks into our lives to take the pressure off our demanding daily schedules—hello, productivity apps. From effectively managing your to-do list to prioritising and making swift decisions, we’re big fans of making the most of every single moment, sans stress, of course.

To assist with our quest for achieving maximum efficiency day in, day out, five of Australia’s most successful female executives have shared their top productivity secrets so we can breeze through every day and be rewarded with a completed to-do list at the end of it. Read on and become the highly productive person you’ve always dreamed you'd be.

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