6 Things Every Stylish Person Owns

You know the type: always perfectly polished, navigating a packed social calendar, constantly sharing fascinating stories from their travels abroad, and totally up-to-date on the current events of the world. These stylish, intellectual individuals exude confidence in their own tastes and, of course, have the absolute coolest homes. If you don't consider yourself a style star (yet), fake it 'til you make it by incorporating the six items that every stylish person has at home into your own décor. 1
ArtThumb Stylish people love to talk about art, visit art museums, and befriend artists whenever possible. It would make sense then, that their homes are filled with original and unique pieces. If buying originals from today's top artists isn't in your budget, cruise flea markets and art student shows for more affordable original works. Or grab your own canvas and brush and see where your creativity takes you. Tar Sand II by DL Watson, $475, UGallery
BasketThumb With lives full of travel, stylish individuals tend to amass chic collections of souvenirs and trinkets from far away lands. Be on the lookout every time you're out of town for a decorative object, blanket, or piece of art to bring home to remind you of your experience. Even a small shell found on the beach will add a layer of personality and character to your home. And if you forget to bring something back, the Internet can help you purchase a memento from your trip, even after you've returned home. Balinese Palm Leaf Basket, $149, The Loaded Trunk
FretworkThumb A life of being fabulous, setting trends, and inspiring others can be exhausting, which is why so many style setters have luxurious beds to collapse into after their long days. A plush mattress and down feather pillows and comforters don't hurt, but soft, classic shams and duvets are an absolute must in any stylish home. Italian Fretwork Duvet Cover, from $189, Restoration Hardware
ChandelierThumb Conversation pieces, focal points, and ultimately illuminators, light fixtures play a central role in all homes, especially those of style stars. Any old pendant or floor lamp just won't do which is why stylish individuals tend to gravitate toward truly fabulous fixtures. Whether vintage, vintage-inspired, or brand-new, ornate statement lighting is key in emulating this look. Hanley Chandelier, $2280, Bronson Design
bookcaseThumb Notable because they don't follow trends (they set them), stylish people always tend to have something unique or quirky worked into their design. Surrealist furniture, oddball art, or bizarre accessories, these pieces are automatically cool because of who picked them out. If outrageous décor isn't exactly your thing, incorporate something more traditional, but with an unexpected twist. Sloped & Slanted Bookcase, $1498, Anthropologie
BookThumb Ron Burgundy famously bragged about his leather-bound book collection, but he was actually onto something. Stylish individuals tend to be well-read and inquisitive; so naturally, their homes are filled with decorative coffee table books and more scholarly tomes. To nail this enviable look, make sure your bookcases are full of well-loved literature and your coffee tables are stacked with stylish books. Chanel: Collections and Creations by Danièle Bott, $26, Amazon
For more sophisticated home décor inspiration check out How to Decorate Like an It Girl. Photographs: 1. 10. Douglas Friedman (photographer and source) 2. Jeffers Design Group 3. Scott Laslie photographed by Kathryn MacDonald for Atlanta Home & Lifestyles 4. Jeffrey Alan Marks (designer and source) 5. William Waldron (photographer and source) 6. Douglas Friedman (photographer and source) 7. Photographed by Kim Christie for House and Home 8. Douglas Friedman (photographer and source) 9. Kelly Wearstler photographed by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest 11. William Waldron (photographer and source) 12. Luiz Bick and William Simonato (designers and source) 13. Kristen Nix photographed by Jack Thompson and Jenny Antill for PaperCity 

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