How to Style Your Desk Like the Ones You See on Instagram

Lauren Powell


If, like us, you spend day-after-day, week-after-week working away at a desk, it makes sense to create one that you love just as much as you love your home. Not only does it make all those hours spent there a pleasure, but an inspiring and functional working environment has the ability to increase productivity and improve your mood at work—win, win! These 10 stunning workspaces and the 5 of the coolest offices around the world really prove it.

We spoke to self-confessed stationery enthusiast and founder of The Daily Edited, Alyce Tran, who shared her top 10 tips for creating an Instagram-worthy desk—and as someone with 137,000 Instagram followers at The Daily Edited, she would know. Read on to find out how to create a workspace that will excite you to get out of bed every day—and get styling.


I love flowers, and while it might not be pocket friendly to purchase flowers every few days for your desk, I think having a potted orchid that can last weeks can be very energising and pretty to look at.


I am all about binders and manilla folders. I still love a good print out so I organise all of my projects into coloured folders so I can quickly refer to things—and yes, the folders are also aesthetically pleasing.

Clear storage

Clear containers are very practical—sometimes I use them to house swatches and other things I find that I tend to forget about unless I can see them! 


I keep a notebook on my desk that goes into my bag that houses any notes that have yet to make it onto my Asana task list.


I love colour, so I find having a few pieces of art in my office an essential. Again, you don't have to spend a lot of money on pieces, I just have prints that I've picked up from here and there.


Although I keep a digital calendar, I like having a wall planner so I can see where I am at in relation to big projects and not get so fixated on the current week. 


Stray pieces of paper or receipts stress me out so I like having loose pages or receipts kept together—with gold bull dog clips of course.

In Tray

You always need a place for all of your incoming mail and anything else that needs your attention. 


Styling starts with a clean workspace, so I keep wipes in my top drawer for my desk and optical wipes for my computer screen. 

Stylish Bin

A rubbish bin doesn't need to be ugly, I've got a great rose gold one!  

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