The 5 Foods You Should Eat When You're Stressed

When you’re feeling stressed about an upcoming exam or an important meeting with your boss, it’s all too easy to turn to comfort foods like macaroni and cheese, pizza, or hot chips to make you feel better. However, junk food is only a temporary relief that does nothing to reduce stress. “Using food to soothe is a learned response that many of us turn to when we’re feeling stressed out,” explains Dana Kofsky, Thumbtack wellness coach and nutrition expert. “Junk food is familiar and comfortable to the body, so it’s often the first thing we turn to.”

If this is your default response, Kofsky says that rethinking your snacking habits could help quell stress. Rather than reaching for processed, refined snacks that cause a temporary spike in your blood-sugar levels, consider these science-backed foods that are proven to reduce anxiety, boost dopamine, and more. Stock up on these five foods to reduce stress next time you’re on deadline.

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