This 26-Year-Old Startup CEO Reveals Her Top Career Advice

Lauren Powell


She may only be 26, but as a former Google employee and a startup CEO, Liz Wessel sure knows a thing (or seven) about climbing the career ladder.

The co-founder of WayUp—a website used by hundreds of thousands of graduates to find jobs at aspirational companies, such as Microsoft, Uber, The New York Times, Disney, and Google—admitted to Business Insider Australia that she attributes her success to two words that she has abided by religiously during her career, “say ‘yes.'”

“Your 20s are for figuring out who you are—so don’t be afraid to take risks, bounce around, travel, and try new things,” she told Business Insider Australia. “I say ‘yes’ to as many new opportunities and projects as possible, and it has paid off every time so far.”

Her second best piece of advice for 20-somethings is, “don’t chase money, chase happiness.” Wessel believes that your 20s are the time to focus on choosing a areer and securing a job that you will be happy doing for years to come. “You should be focused on finding an industry or career that you really enjoy,” Wessel adds. “If you just optimise for salary or prestige in the short-term, you’re potentially be selling out the rest of your life, so start doing what you love as soon as you can.”

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