We're Packing Our Bags and Moving Into This Stunning Byron Bay Home

by Nicole Singh

After making the move from Tasmania to Byron Bay, Lara Bluett and Matt Fells founded women’s leather and accessories line St. Agni, a label that exudes a laid-back lifestyle—perfect for any beach dweller. So, it’s no surprise that their home also resembles a sense of the European coastline, while also boasting a minimal charm—after all, home is where the heart is, and therefore, where your inspiration lies. With a predominately white, tobacco, and earthy colour palette, home very much serves as a grounding platform for the busy entrepreneurs. “Byron is such a magical place to live. I love that you can go as fast or as slow as you like here. You never feel like you’re being pushed along and you can really just move at your own pace. We are so lucky to live near some of the most beautiful beaches and be a part of such a unique coastal community.”

When it came to styling their home after the big move, Bluett looked for the story behind each object, making sure they each had a defined utility, which in a way, is the definition of minimalism. “We have only just moved into our new home, so at the moment it has the feeling of space and minimalism—which I am really enjoying. I really like the idea of not letting too much into our home and only holding onto the things that really add value to our everyday life. I try to choose pieces for our home that have a story or have beauty in their imperfections. Bluett also has placed her bed as a key focal point, “Our bed is a favourite for me, Matt built it himself with the help of some friends. It’s where our day starts and ends.”

And if you’re looking for inspiration in your own home, Bluett suggests that the key is extensive research (and pinning of course) to create a holistic picture of the type of space you want, much like she does when creating a new collection. “I’m constantly taking pictures and screenshots of buildings, people, colours, textures and shapes. When I sit down and start thinking about a new collection, those pictures are the first that I look to. All the pictures are the start of the story my subconscious has chosen for the new collection, they help to encapsulate the overall vision.” Scroll to see inside this couples beautiful coastal abode.

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