This Is the Easiest Way to Keep Eating Fruit During Winter

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

As the seasons begin to shift to cooler days, we tend to minimise our fruit intake in search of warmer more comforting foods—a change our waistlines don’t thank us for later. While there’s nothing quite the happiest moments of summer when you’re pushing the skin up over a mango to reveal the delicious cubes of the fruit inside (even if annoyingly the sticky juice will run down to your elbows—why does that always happen?), there’s plenty from winter’s bounty that is just as satisfying. We spoke with Ashley Alexander of Gather & Feast to find out the easiest way to keep eating fruit during winter (and enjoy it).

The self-taught cook who now has more than 270,000 Instagram followers—take one look at her feed and you will understand why—revealed how important eating fruit in winter is and how you can warm up and munch on the beautiful in-season produce. “Poaching is a great way to incorporate more fruit into your diet in winter using what is in season—apples, pears, quinces,” Alexander says.

Keep scrolling to discover the warming poached pear recipe.

Spiced Poached Pears

Alexander’s go-to winter fruit recipe is spiced poached pears, something you can incorporate into your breakfast on top of porridge, or if you’re feeling like a sweet treat, try the poached fruit with some mascarpone for dessert.

The Recipe: This recipe calls for salted caramel sauce, which can take this meal from breakfast to dessert. You can also leave the pears to soak overnight, then store in the fridge for up to a week—that's a few days sorted. Find the whole recipe over on Gather & Feast.

The Hero Ingredient: Cinnamon sticks, this instantly gives the recipe that winter taste.

The Clincher: Want to keep this recipe ultra-healthy? Replace the caramel sauce for Alexander’s vegan coconut salted caramel for a guilt-free option.

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