This Food Can Help You Shed Pounds

Dacy Knight

We love hearing about a way to shed extra kilos that doesn't require cutting out our favourite dishes or putting in extra hours at the gym. While a well-rounded healthy lifestyle is essential to any sustainable weight loss, this little food tip is the perfect hack for the holidays when clean eating and regular cardio aren't always so easy.

The strategy actually requires adding an extra meal into your diet that will curb your hunger and eventually have you eating less. The best part is the additional appetiser is one of the cosiest meals of all—a hearty bowl of soup—perfect for an extra holiday helping. Health Magazine recently highlighted the idea of "souping," citing a study published in the journal Appetite. The findings were that people who ate a low-calorie soup (approximately 130 calories) before lunch consumed about 20% fewer calories overall and didn't feel less full.

So as the temperature drops and we're less apt to stick to our diet plans and workout routines, cosy up to a bowl of soup to shed some extra pounds.

Head to the comments to share your strategies for holiday weight maintenance and shop everything you need to whip up the perfect bowl of soup.

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