You Need to Know This French Interior Stylist (She Lives on a Boat)

Lauren Powell

Meet Sophie Thé—the French interior stylist who is the creative mastermind behind some of Sydney’s most stylish venues who lives on a boat. And she’s as intriguing, talented, and brilliant as she sounds.

Thé boasts one impressive portfolio—her career highlights to date include working alongside fellow renowned stylists including the likes of Megan Morton, Mr Jason Grant, and Glen Proebstel, and most recently, landing her current role as interior stylist for Merivale—the hospitality giant behind famed venues such as Coogee Pavilion, The Newport, and The Paddington.

The self-confessed travel enthusiast has lived in Australia on-and-off for 16 years and considering the mark she’s making on the country’s design scene, we hope she’s here to stay. Scroll on to learn everything about one of our Australia’s most talented interior stylists—from how she landed her first job in styling to why she lives on a boat.  

MYDOMAINE AUSTRALIA: Can you provide a brief background on your career to date?

SOPHIE THÉ: I started as a stylist by applying for an internship with Megan Morton. I was fortunate enough to be chosen from a long list of applications and after a day of assisting Megan on a shoot, she decided I was to qualified for an internship and would find me pay work! The following week I started assisting Mr Jason Grant and Glen Proebstel which we both amazing experiences. A few months later Megan called me to assist her, this was just before she opened The Studio in Rosebery. Once The School officially launched, I became her full time assistant for almost four years. 

After a trip to New York together we decided it was time for me to fly solo. I did exactly that for a year and half until Amanda Talbot (fellow interior stylist) suggested my name to Bettina Hemmès which lead to me working full time as a stylist for Merivale. 

MD: When did you know you wanted to be an interior stylist? 

ST: I used to work on a luxury super yacht in Europe and when the family I worked for sold it, we all came back to Australia and I moved into a beautiful property on Pittwater they owned and I started renovating it for them over a year and half period.

MD: How did you land your first interior styling job? 

ST: By applying for an internship with Megan Morton.

MD: What was your first styling job?

ST: My first recognised styling job was for Real Living magazine where I created a living room for under $1000. Working on floating five-stars hotels (aka su[er yachts) results in you styling every day for work. I was constantly flower arranging, setting tables, presenting food, and styling cabins and bathrooms. That’s where I trained my eye for detail and gained my practicality side to styling. 

MD: How would you describe your style?

ST: I’ve realised it’s changing at the moment. I’m definitely not afraid of colour. My mum always decorated the rooms at my house with colours in fashion—we had a green kitchen for a while, and a salmon living room. I definitely like interiors that create emotions,  I don’t like clinical white, and I’m fascinated with the ambiance.

MD: Where do you get your inspiration from?

ST: Definitely travelling. I’m inspired most when the people, the smells, the language, and the food are different. And also nature.

MD: What is the favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

ST: There have been so many projects that I’ve been passionate about so I would say the next one will be my favourite.

MD: What is the one prop/styling item you can’t living without?

ST: My styling kit which includes gaffer, tape, scissors etc. I fall in love with every item on every job so I’m lucky not to have to own it and yet still be able to enjoy and use them.

MD: What home décor item is currently on the top of your wish-list?

ST: I’ll need to get a house for that… I’m restricted with space on my boat. But I’d love more paintings. 

MD: What is your number one styling tip?

ST: Add plants! Bring more life to a room.

MD: How long have you lived in Australia and what do you love most about it?

ST: I love my connection with the ocean here and the size of the sky. I’ve been here on and off for 16 years.

MD: You live on a boat, can you tell us why and what you love about?

ST: The freedom to move when I’m tired of a place, the off the greed scenario with solar, the good balance with a work where I don’t save life and home where I could sink! 

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