This Jewellery Designer's Chic L.A. Space Is Studio Goals

Sacha Strebe

Louis Delavenne

If you've been dreaming of swapping your desk space in a corporate office for a creative career, then we've got the perfect inspiration for you to bite the bullet and explore your second life. We've been featuring the studios and workspaces of creative ladies—you must step inside the artist studio of Salt Lake City's Holly Addi or Alexandra Valenti in Austin—and this week we're putting the spotlight on Los Angeles–based interior designer Sophie Monet of Sophie Monet Jewellery.

She works out of a beautiful workshop in Venice, alongside her dad, who’s also a sculptor. One thing we wanted to explore in this series was how instrumental your surroundings are to inspiring and conjuring the work you produce. For Monet, it's crucial. "Being around so much creative energy has been instrumental in helping me not just ideate what I design each season but helping me think beyond the ordinary," she tells me. "Whether I'm discovering a scrap of a new wood that I want to use, learning a new technique from my dad, or seeing how different woods look against one another. And then there's that Venice air—that smells like home to me."

Take the tour and hear about Monet's vision for the space and how Venice Beach has also been massively influential in her jewellery design.

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