This Nutrition Expert Wants You to Stop Beating Yourself Up About Carbs

Sophie Miura

Sophia Roe

For private chef and nutrition expert Sophia Roe, food is about more than nourishing your body with the "right" ingredients—it's also a way to connect people. To celebrate our annual Love Issue, Roe invited us into her kitchen to whip up Thrice Cooked Potato Cilantro Hash and explained why the recipe holds special meaning.

"I was raised by a young single mum, and as you can imagine, she worked constantly. Some of my favourite memories were when we would wake up early and make breakfast together," she recalls. "Food was the one thing my mum and I really shared. We're not the closest as a mother and daughter, but when we cook together, that's our bonding moment. She gets me; I get her. I always say that's how we're connected in the womb."

It's a tradition that Roe, now 29, continues with her closest friends by hosting a monthly brunch. "They know, 'Soph's going to make literally 15 pounds of this potato dish, and we'll all bring different toppings,'" she says. "It's been a fun way to come together. Food starts conversations! You find out so much about people and different cultures through food."

Watch Sophia Roe whip up Thrice Cooked Potato Cilantro Hash below and read on for her refreshing take on healthy eating.

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