Ask Estee: Do Sofas Really Matter?

 _promo (69) Q. Do sofas really matter? I receive hundreds of emails asking me whether a sofa actually matters. Why would you want to waste valuable square footage with a single, large piece of bulky, superfluous furniture? I say the same thing to my clients every single time--less is more!

Chic Minimalism: I may live in Los Angeles, where the sun always shines, but trust me when I say, invest in a great coat, because when you come to my house, you will need one to sit on in my couchless living room. I guess you could throw some pillows on the floor to perch on, but there's something rustic and chic about parking it right there on the hardwood, or if you insist, an area rug.

Save Your Money: I find it really helps my family and friends to foster conversation and bond when all sitting around on the cold, exposed floor to play board games or have a cocktail. I mean, I don't know about you but I would rather spend my money on a gorgeous piece of Givenchy than a stuffed piece of furniture. Welcome to the 21st Century!

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