This One Trick Will Make Every Small Room Seem Larger

Gabrielle Savoie

Brie Williams via Lonny

In the age of micro-living and eco-friendly prefab homes, it’s not surprising that our living areas are getting smaller. While some homes can be easily fixed with open floor plans, other spaces like studio apartments and small rooms still remain a challenge in the decorating department. We’ve already come up with tons of storage solutions for small spaces, but how can we make a room appear larger, without any renovations?

The answer: Add mirrors. It’s a trick interior designers swear by, and it works like a charm every time. In fact, it’s probably the one thing you should splurge on when decorating a small area—not only does it double up the space, but it also gives the impression of double the furniture and accessories. But before you run to the shops in search of the perfect mirror, follow these invaluable tips for decorating with mirrors.

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