This Petite Bathroom Makeover Is a Lesson in Small-Space Design

Gabrielle Savoie

Vivian JohnsonDESIGN: Shira Gill

Sometimes, you just have to find the silver lining in unfortunate events. One ill-fated evening in the Gill household in Berkeley, California, one over-enthusiastic 8-year-old accidentally unhinged the bathroom's medicine cabinet, which came crashing down, breaking the glass shelf and vanity sink below. What's more, the traditional craftsman home that professional organiser Shira Gill shares with her husband, Jordan, and two daughters, Chloe and Emilie, had only one single bathroom—now rendered entirely useless. "The home was built in 1916 and has three small bedrooms and one full bathroom," she told us. 

But Gill isn't the type to dwell on misfortune. A quick call to her friend, interior designer Carly Waters, and brand new floor tiles and a vanity were already ordered. A few phone calls later, the entire bathroom was scheduled for a complete gut job—one that impressively lasted less than one week! Think it's impossible to renovate a small bathroom in just a few days? Find out how this "lucky" accident prompted a full one-week gut job—and transformed the dark and dated space into a fresh and bright bath for the young family.

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