Interior Designers Reveal the Top 8 Small-Space Tips They Swear By

Sacha Strebe

Call us crazy, but we prefer styling a small space over a large one any day. There's something incredibly thrilling about size-challenged decorating that really forces you to get creative. Yes, you'll make mistakes along the way, but when decorated well, small rooms can look seriously stylish (these tiny bathrooms are proof).

And just because there's less space to work with doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste. In fact, Australian interior stylist and Belle magazine director at large Steve Cordony urges his clients to be bolder and use larger furniture. "It often makes the space feel stronger and more gutsy, rather than using lots of small pieces which can make the space feel too sporadic and bitsy," he told MyDomaine. We couldn't agree more.

If you're looking for small living room ideas, follow these decorating tips interior designers swear by.

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