3 Genius Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Kitchen

House Beautiful recently featured a tiny (48-square-foot!) New York City kitchen designed by Stephanie Stokes and we can't help but share some genius takeaways and smart tricks from her thoughtful design. 3 Genius Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Kitchen 1. Create Reflection: In such a small space, visually tricking your eye into thinking the room is larger is absolutely key. Here, Stokes installed mirrored panels as a backsplash effectively visually doubling the space while enabling light to bounce around and brighten the small alcove. 3 Genius Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Kitchen2. Do the Slide: Get smart about the details and and find ways to maximise every inch by thinking unconventionally. The hinges and swing space required by cabinetry doors mean you loose valuable inches with each cabinet. Here, a cleverly concealed sliding mechanism is used on the upper cabinetry enabling for easy access to pantry staples without having to sacrifice storage space to accommodate conventional doors. 3 Genius Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Kitchen 3. Think Even Smaller: Take an inventory of the items you need to store and create custom sized spaces which fit your needs. For example, here, spices fit nicely into one of several narrow drawers Stokes installed beneath the cooktop. Shorter than would be expected, these narrow drawers can store smaller, flatter items without wasting empty drawer space. In an area where two to three drawers would be expected, adding five enables for almost twice as much storage space. See more images from this petite space at House Beautiful and read an interview with Stokes on this design here. For more small space ideas check out How to Make the most of Your Small Kitchen and 7 Genius Ideas for Maximizing Your Small Space. Photographs: Eric Piasecki for House Beautiful.

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