26 Little Organisation Tips That Make a Big Difference

Katie Sweeney

Justin Coit 

How many of you have made “be more organised” your New Year’s resolution? You came to the right place: If you’ve decided that 2016 will be your year of tidying up and getting rid of the old to make way for the new, congrats! As someone who has always lived an obsessively organised life, I can honestly say that having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place will make your life easier. You just have to get the hang of it. Since it can be overwhelming to take on large-scale organisational projects—like emptying out that massive storage unit or going through all of the clothes in your overly crowded walk-in closet—let’s start by making some mini changes. These are little things, but when you do them and follow through with the organisation habit, they will make a big impact.

In the kitchen:

1. Hang some of your kitchen tools from hooks. This will free up space in your drawers.

2. Line the area underneath your kitchen and bathroom sink with clean shelf liner. It will automatically feel more fresh and new.

3. Keep items that you use most often—salt, pepper, olive oil, etc.— at the front of your cabinet on the most accessible shelf.

4. Stack and arrange canned goods by type: tomato products on one shelf, beans on another, and seafood on another.

Around the house:

5. Place a hook for your keys by your front door and always hang your keys there when you get home.

6. Keep store credits and loose coupons in a big envelope in your car. Don't forget about it when you arrive at Priceline and are buying new mascara.

7. Get three baskets for your laundry: one for colours, whites, and darks.

8. Tie colourful ribbons around sheet sets to ensure that they stay together in the linen closet.

9. If you don’t have a hall closet for storing jackets, get a coat rack or install hooks and pegs on your wall to store coats.

10. Invest in a cord organiser to keep all electronic cords tidy.

11. After using your cell phone charger, put it in a drawer or place where you will remember it. This way you won’t lose it.

12. Go through your infant’s toys and get rid of any old, soiled stuffed animals, puzzles, and games that are missing pieces, and books that have been scribbled in.

13. When laundry is clean, fold it and put it away immediately. Don’t leave it in a heaping pile in the bedroom.

14. Get rid of DVD cases and store DVDs in an album.

In the bathroom:

16. Put a magnetic strip on the back of your bathroom cabinet door and keep easy to lose items there. Bobby pins, curler clips, tweezers, nail scissors, etc.

17. Store lip glosses, makeup brushes, and makeup items that come in long skinny tubes (mascara, concealer, etc.) upright in large drinking glasses. Buy them cheap at IKEA. 

18. Hang a wire rack from your shower head and store your most regularly used products (bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) here.

In the closet:

19. Hang your bras from hooks instead of piling them into drawers.

20. When you take an article of clothing out of your closet, don’t leave the hanger. Remove the hanger and place it in another area of the closet reserved for hangers. It will make hanging clothes back up a cinch.

21. Store shoes toe to heel, especially tennis shoes which can nicely be stacked.

22. Store jewellery that you wear a lot in a cake stand on your dresser.

In the office:

23. Empty out one of your desk drawers and turn it into your dumping drawer. It’s where you keep papers instead of piling them onto your desk. Make it a point to go through it once a week.

24. Put instruction manuals in a three-ring binder and store it in your office.

25. Recycle old magazines.

26. Whenever you take a photo that you love, heart it and it will automatically go into your favourites folder meaning you won’t have to search for it later.

Below you’ll find items that will make organising your space a snap.

What little organisation tips make a big difference in your life?

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