Small Business Owners Reveal the Lessons They Learned Through Failing

Lauren Powell

Owning a small business is the dream for many of us. But leaving the safety net of our 9-5 is an obstacle for most. While we’ve watched numerous entrepreneurs turn their idea into a successful reality, and that's proof enough that dreams can come true, many of us still haven't made a move on building a potentially prosperous business—and making a life changing career move.   

If you weren’t already inspired by these successful women who moved from corporate to entrepreneurs, or these company founders who turned their passion into a profession, Huffington Post Australia spoke to a handful successful small business owners who may just give you the push you need.

Three Australian women revealed the biggest lessons learned they’ve learnt since starting their own small business, to inspire you to take the leap of career faith for yourself.  Read on for some very sound first-hand business advice.

Be ready for hard work

"Recently I read a quote from Randi Zuckerberg about entrepreneurs only being able to select three out of five things—work, sleep, family, friends and fitness. This quote really resonated with me, especially when I first launched White Runway. I think it's important to keep in mind that when you do start a business, your work becomes the number one priority. There are only so many hours in the day and only so much one person can do."

Rebecca Lau Marsh, founder and general manager of Australian bridal and occasion wear site, White Runway

Don't wait for everything to be perfect

"I launched my business during a two-week break from my full-time job. It instantly gained a lot of traction—largely due to my social media strategy—and one month after that, I took a leap of faith and resigned. I always tell people that if you have an idea, just start. I had no idea how to run a website and spent a lot of late nights trying to figure out how to code but nothing beats learning on the job."

Louise Reeves, founder and owner of online floral company, Posy Supply Co

Know when to outsource

"I only started my business in February, but I quickly learnt that when it comes to budgeting it's not my strong point. I didn't do enough research in that part of my business—and it showed—though since outsourcing to an accountant it means I've been able to focus on areas in the business I personally excel in, like marketing and social media."

Ali Mclean, founder and owner of Australian-made swimwear label Marble Swimwear

For more small business advice, head to Huffington Post Australia and start writing your business dream into this goals journal, stat.

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