Pass the Parmesan: Here Are 8 Slow Cooker Lasagna Recipes to Try This Week

Kelly Dawson

There's a certain comfort that comes with an Italian meal. Twirls of spaghetti topped with meatballs have made Garfields out of all of us, and pizza is such a crowd-pleaser that we've figured out how to prepare it for any time of day. Italian food is about affection and flavour—that's why the best dishes are famously made by grandmothers—and perhaps no dish better showcases that than lasagna.

Whether it's slathered with a meat sauce or it's coloured with fresh vegetables, lasagna has to be carefully cooked and then assembled in order to achieve that perfect layered look. It all takes time and effort, and that's why it's so comforting. Right? Well, not if you use a slow cooker to get things done.

Thanks to Genius Kitchen, these are the basics for making slow cooker lasagna recipes. Instead of creating tiers in a dish, simply place sauce on the bottom of your lasagne, top it with uncooked noodles (broken to fit), and add cheese. Repeat this process until you get to the rim, and then place the setting on "low" to cook for four to five hours.

We found eight lasagna recipes you can re-create using a slow cooker, which will deliver those same heartwarming flavours without the same time commitment. Don't worry. Those you serve it to will still feel the love.

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