What It’s Actually Like to Eat at Sketch in London

Amanda Bardas

Courtesy of Sketch

I’ve seen the beautiful pink décor at Sketch all over Instagram for about a year—so when the opportunity came up to travel to London, I obviously had to make sure this restaurant was on the itinerary (I’m selfish).

The anticipation of entering the all-pink room with plush velour couches and chevron tiled floors was almost too much to bear. I spent the day dreaming up what my Instagram shot would look like and what cocktail I’d have first (the menu had been studied religiously).

Upon our party of five (lol #flashback) arriving through the buildings non-descript door, the usher admitted that our booking had been “lost” and we in fact, “would not be eating at Sketch tonight”. Cue internal screaming. Booking confirmation emails were presented back and forth until it was decided that we’d “have to dine in The Lecture Room” (that would be the fine dining restaurant upstairs that is attached to the more casual Sketch). So far, Sketch isn’t very fun. I want the pink.

As we ascended the stairs towards The Lecture Room, my heart was silently breaking. How will I get my Instagram shot?

Passing by the Swarovski crystal encrusted bathrooms, and through the double doors into the dining hall, my heart quickly mended. The only way to describe this dining room is breathtaking. Why it hasn’t been Instagrammed to death is beyond me (it’s most likely because the upstairs diners are too posh to ‘gram). Opulent lounges, giant chandeliers and a waiter for each table—this was a Wes Anderson film brought to life.

As this was 100% a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience, we went for the tasting menu—not wanting to put all our pennies in one meal. Our table of five ladies then spent the next three hours discussing nothing but the flavour explosions that were happening in our mouths. I’ll leave you to check out the menu and salivate in your own time, but this was one dining experience I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

So a sketchy start, turned out to be a pretty amazing evening. Will I go back? Yes. I still have to make it into that pink room.

Keep scrolling to see all of the dining rooms at Sketch and then shop the cook books.

Have you experienced Sketch? If so, tell us your favourite memory below!

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