10 Skateboard-Inspired Spaces With Major Cool Factor

Julia Millay Walsh

Just as we have a soft spot for surf chic, it's hard not to feel a pang of excitement when we see a skateboard roll by -- after all, famed '70s LA skateboarders The Z-Boys got their start just a few miles from our office. In interiors, skateboards instantly add a casual-cool Californian vibe, which of course we love. To top it off, wooden skate decks are an opportune medium for painting, and a number of celebrated and under-the-radar artists and designers have taken their brushes to the boards -- shelves in the bedroom of designer Athena Calderone's son, above, showcases them gorgeously.

The trend of skate-influenced decor doesn't stop at the deck, though. Everything from polyurethane wheels to metal trucks have been cleverly repurposed for the home. We love what Skate Study House has done, reinventing iconic midcentury modern pieces, such as the Eames Hang-it-All, with skateboard materials. London-based illustrator Dominic Owen even produced a series of cardboard skateboard sculptures in homage to that legendary crew of '70s Californian skaters. Meanwhile, design studio Apparatu's Skate Fails, sculptures of skateboards gone wrong, are nothing short of genius.

Want to give your home some fun skater flair? Get inspired by some of our favourite skate-influenced rooms above, and shop our favourite finds below.


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 Authorised Andy Warhol Skateboards, $2500 (Set of Six), 1st Dibs Comet Coffee Table, Price Upon Request, Skate Study House   Neil Barrett Skateboard Deck, $126, Selfridges & Co
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Skateboard Bench, $1200, Uncommon Goods Hang Up, Price Upon Request, Skate Study House Classic Collection Original, $234, Atypical
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Globe Graphic Bantam Skateboard, $90, Urban Outfitters Jet Set Lounge Chair, Price Upon Request, Skate Study House Da Monsta Blue Complete, $236, Carver Skateboards
Photographs: Justin Coit for DomaineBjorkheimDecor8Douglas FriedmanJustin Coit for Domaine (5, 6, 7), Floto+WarnerDominique Vorillon via ADMaiko NagaoJaap Vliegenthart via Arch DailyThe Design Files

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