22 Reasons It's Awesome to Be Single During the Holidays

Katie Sweeney

Last week, when my mum texted me a photo of the ornaments she had just purchased for my sister and her live-in boyfriend (lovely metallic globes with their initials in glittery letters), I started to wallow in my single-dom. “Another holiday season,” I thought. But before I let my mind snowball out of control, I thought, I am a 34-year-old woman who is happy and healthy. So what if I’m spending another holiday season alone? If anyone tries to make me feel bad about it, I have two words for them: bah humbug! I don’t need a significant other to have the best holidays ever, and neither do you. Here are 22 reasons it’s awesome to be single during the holidays.

  1. You don’t have to split time with someone else's family and yours. You can do whatever you want for Christmas and New Year’s.
  2. You don’t have to worry about impressing a significant other’s family. That second piece of pavlova? Unbutton your pants and eat it!
  3. There’s no meeting the parents. Or siblings. Or cousins. Or great aunts.
  4. Feel like going to Bali instead of celebrating the holidays at home? You can do it!
  5. There’s no agonising over what to get your better half (or his or her mum) as a gift.
  6. You can use the money that you saved from not having to buy a significant other a gift to do something fabulous for yourself. Book a blowdry, buy an expensive bottle of Champagne, or treat yourself to a new dress.
  7. You can sleep in and do whatever you want while staying in the comforts of your parents' humble abode. Let them take care of you.
  8. You can make out with whoever you want at the holiday party (within reason).
  9. You can decorate your house however you want—wreaths, garlands, disco balls, and all (or none).
  10. Lots of single people are out and ready to mingle, so why not take advantage of the celebratory mood in the air?! Seduce an old flame at your hometown bar or finally lock lips with the high school heartthrob you always had a crush on.
  11. You can drink too much eggnog, sing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” at the top of your lungs, and pass out in your party dress. The next morning, there will be no one giving you dirty looks for your drunken holiday extravaganza.
  12. You get to actually catch up with your siblings and favourite cousins.
  13. If you happen to get stuck under mistletoe with a handsome fellow or lovely lady, you can go in for the kiss.
  14. You can go on as many holiday-themed Tinder dates as possible. December is a great month for dating!
  15. You don’t have to worry about introducing your weird family members to a new significant other.
  16. You can watch Love Actually, Die HardThe Holiday, Little Women, and any other favourite Christmas flick whenever you want.
  17. You don’t have to waste time and money on sending a cheesy couple’s Christmas card.
  18. You can host a spectacular holiday soirée, invite whoever you want, drink and eat whatever you want, and listen to whatever you want.
  19. You can say screw it to the whole idea of a New Year’s kiss by making all your friends eat grapes as the clock strikes midnight. Try it and trust me—it will be fun.
  20. You can create your own traditions. Take yourself to see The Nutcracker and then go for oysters and Champagne afterward.
  21. You don’t have to worry about meeting anyone else’s expectations.
  22. The only person who you have to make happy is yourself! 

Are you single this holiday season? Why do you think it’s cool?

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