I Get Nonstop Compliments About My Skin—and I Owe It All to These 8 Products

Sophie Miura

My boyfriend was the first to notice the subtle but significant changes in my skin. Early morning light streamed through our bedroom window, and I caught him quizzically looking at my make-up free face. "Have you changed your diet lately?" he asked, peering at the unusually plump skin under my eyes and line-free forehead. It had been only two weeks since I'd started a new skincare routine, and judging by the comments I'd started to get from curious friends and co-workers, it was certainly making a difference.

Having spent my childhood and early 20s in Australia, I've always had a fairly laid-back attitude to beauty and never gave much thought to the constellation of freckles and sun spots that pepper my nose. But after a recent facial with a leading New York aesthetician, I've completely changed my once-basic routine and can't believe the difference.

When I told Alexandra, an aesthetician at the L.Raphael Beauty Spa in the Four Seasons in New York about my usual skincare routine, she didn't even try to hide her surprise. Apparently, cleansing morning and night stripped my normal-to-combination skin, forgoing serum led to visible dehydration, and skipping products with SPF left my already sun-damaged skin unprotected. This is the step-by-step skincare routine she prescribed and the products that have made a world of difference.

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