5 Simple Habits for a Calmer and More Organised Life

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell


We know that habits can have a big impact on our lives—both good and bad. So the more good habits we can create, the more productive, happier, and successful we can become. There are also some key habits that can assist to create calm and organisation in our everyday lives—yes, please! Huffington Post Australia has defined these easy, but effective behaviours that you should adopt into your life if you want to start feeling calmer, begin thinking more clearly, and become more organised. Read on and switch your life from chaos to calm.  

1. Make your bed (time commitment: 2 minutes)

This simple task may only take two-minutes, but it will give you a full day of pleasure. A made bed transforms your entire room and sets up the day to be an organised and tidy one.  

2. Clear the kitchen sink (time commitment: 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day)

While it might seem obvious, a clean sink can transforms your kitchen like a made bed can transform a bedroom. Ensure you wash up dishes immediately or place in the dishwasher throughout the day so the space remains neat and orderly.

3. Toss your junk mail (time commitment: 1 minute)

Junk mail, catalogues, and flyers—be gone! Don’t leave this unnecessary clutter lying around the house for days on end, throw them in the bin as soon as they arrive.

4. Bring your inbox to zero (time commitment: 10-15 minutes)

Digital clutter can impact our mindsets just as much as physical clutter—conquer your inbox on a daily basis and you’ll instantly feel a greater sense of calm.

5. Plan your day (time commitment: 5 minutes)

Make it a habit to plan the day ahead first thing to set yourself up for success and productivity—feeling that sense of achievement brings peace of mind and happiness.  

To find out more ways to create calm in your life, head to Huffington Post Australia and shop a selection of our favourite organisational products.

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