11 Super-Simple Ways to Organise Your Home in Minutes

Sophie Miura

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Changing seasons always make us want to refresh our home. If you're ready to give your space a new season update (we know, it's nearly March!) but can't find the time, Mind Body Green has brainstormed fast-and-easy ways to declutter your space. Here's our edit of the best organisational solutions for your pantry, living room, linen closet, and beyond. Give your home a mess makeover with these 11 super-simple tips.

1. Restock your linen closet. If you wouldn't give your guest a towel from the back of your linen closet, it's time to do a closet cleanse. If you wash your linen less than once a week, they could be a hotbed for bacteria.

2. Style a shelf. Styling a bookcase or shelf in an entryway or living area is a great way to give your space a new curated look. Make statement items the focal point or stack coffee table books for a personal touch.

3. Reposition art. Multiple artworks can anchor a room, but if hung without thought they can also make a space appear cluttered. Take down your artworks and start from scratch. Experiment with grouping framed pieces for a contained look. 

4. Buy a knife block. Never seem to be able to find the right knife? Take them out of your draws and organise them in a countertop knife block that doubles as a sharpener. 

5. Upgrade greenery. Indoor plants have a ton of health benefits, but too many can make a space look chaotic. Trade your supply of small plants for one large statement piece in a minimal ceramic planter.

6. Reconsider your doormat. Your entryway forms a first impression of your home, so give it some thought. Refreshing your doormat is a super-quick way to give it a five-minute facelift. 

7. Do a bathroom product inventory. If your bathroom cabinets are filling up with pharmacy buys you haven't touched in years, it's time to declutter. 

8. Designate winter storage space. Clear out an area of your storage closet for winter sheets. Vacuum-pack seasonal items and store them away in a less accessible area to win back space. 

9. Group small items. If you always leave your coffee pot and sugar jar out on the kitchen counter to use each morning, give them a specific place. Use a tray to group small items and make them seem more contained. 

10. Change your folding technique. Sure, it might seem like a simple skill, but changing the way you fold a duvet or fitted sheet can free up a lot of space.  

11. Bulk-buy storage containers. It's a simple visual trick: Lots of mismatched containers make a pantry look cluttered. Swap them out for glass jars or Khloé Kardashian–style pantry baskets.

Ready to give your home a storage update? Shop chic organisational items that are made to be seen, then visit Mind Body Green to read more.

What's your secret to organising your home in minutes? Share your tips in the comments.

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