32 Signs You're Comfortable in Your Relationship

Katie Sweeney


Although the honeymoon phase (that is filled with butterflies, excitement, footpath kisses, and memory-making dates) of a relationship is the most talked about, the following phase—the period where you really get to know your significant other and start to feel 100% comfortable around them—is just as thrilling. If you’ve DTRed (defined the relationship) and have moved on to that second glorious phase of coupledom, congrats! You’re really starting to be yourself around each another. Not sure if you’ve reached that point? Here are 32 signs you’re comfortable in your relationship.

  1. You have exchanged keys to each other’s houses.
  2. Instead of texting you, your mum and sisters text your significant other.
  3. Your best friends ask you what your SO’s Instagram handle is so they can follow them.
  4. You look forward to Netflix and chill at home on a Friday night.
  5. You let him put the game on when he comes home from work.
  6. You aren’t afraid to put your three-day-stubble legs on him while you're lying on the couch watching TV.
  7. You stop doing your hair on weekend mornings.
  8. You aren’t worried about them seeing you in your sweats.
  9. You pick up dinner from the Whole Foods prepared section and know exactly how to make your SO’s box to their liking—right down to the dressing and extra croutons.
  10. You decide together whether to use extra funds to buy a car that you both need or take that trip to Mexico you've been pining for.
  11. You've accepted his or her friends and their WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and HABs (husbands and boyfriends) as permanent people in your life.
  12. You encourage your SO to go out and have a night on the town with their friends.
  13. When you don't feel well and are acting cranky, spoiled, or like a brat, you know that it won't cause any permanent damage to the relationship.
  14. He tells you he went out to lunch with his long-time female coworker and you care more about what he ordered than what they talked about.
  15. You know each other's phone passcodes.
  16. You can wake up in the morning and not care about how you look.
  17. You start referring to yourself as “we/our” instead of “I/my.”
  18. You can order a double cheeseburger and fries and not feel judged.
  19. You can drink too much while you’re out together, leave your phone at the bar, and puke in the toilet when you get home, and know he'll call the bar to make sure your phone was in the booth where you were sitting and hold your hair while you're crouching tiger hidden toilet. 
  20. You start to finish each other’s sentences.
  21. You can belt out all the lyrics to every Boys II Men song on your road trip and not worry you'll get dumped.
  22. You stop checking their social media.
  23. You take showers together.
  24. You do their laundry and make the bed and don’t expect anything in return.
  25. You walk around naked!
  26. You choose meals without asking your SO first because you know what they like.
  27. You know all their friends and family and they know all of yours.
  28. You spend all holidays and birthdays together because it's a given.
  29. You fight, but at the end of the day, you know you love each other too much to be apart.
  30. You can cry in front of each other.
  31. You know you don't have to always rely on your friends anymore. You can count on each other.
  32. You can't imagine sharing your house, life, and experiences with anyone else.

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