The #1 Sign That Your Date Isn't Interested, According to a Dating Coach

Kelsey Clark

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When caught up in the throes of a brand-new love interest, it's easy to drift away on a cloud of first-date butterflies and the excitement of what could be. But, as dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan points out, this kind of daydreaming can also result in a one-sided relationship rooted in hopeful fantasies rather than reality. 

"So many women spill their guts to me about time they have wasted on the wrong guys," writes Ryan for YourTango. Many adults who are actively dating "have a difficult time knowing when to cut a [person] loose and move on, or when to give a [person] the benefit of the doubt." While Ryan speaks specifically to heterosexual women in her article, her advice applies to everyone seeking a serious relationship—especially for those who are trying to decipher whether or not their love interest feels the same connection. Rather than waste your time on an unsuitable bachelor or bachelorette, remember that an interested party will always make the time to see you in real life—texting will not suffice.

"If a man [or woman] is genuinely interested in you, he [or she] will make time to see you," she writes. "The truth is that there are men who enjoy just texting women, and they're probably conversing with several along with you. But most importantly, it's a huge waste of your precious time." While our tech-centric dating scene has certainly lowered the bar in terms of what constitutes romantic interest, someone who's interested in you will never make excuses about being too busy; on the contrary, they will go out of their way to spend time with you in-person.

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