6 Signs You Need a Vacation

Katie Sweeney

It’s mid-July, and summer has hit full stride. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious at work without a vacation in sight, it might be time to plan a getaway. Health magazine recently listed 10 major signs that you need a vacation stat. Here are the first six—head over to Health to take a look at the complete list.

  1. Little problems become big issues. If you can’t handle the little things that you normally take in stride, it’s time to take a break.
  2. You start making mistakes. When you are constantly stressed, you’re more likely to make mistakes—both big and small.
  3. You get caught up in negative land. Do you find everything boring? Are you being cynical? Only thinking negative thoughts at work is a sign you are headed for burnout.
  4. You aren’t sleeping well. Overworked people have a hard time winding down before bed and have increased amounts of sleepiness during the day.
  5. After work, you immediately pour yourself a drink. We’ve all used alcohol as a coping mechanism on stressful days, but if your twice-weekly glass of wine has turned into a daily martini, it’s a sign you need a vacation.
  6. Everything hurts. You get frequent backaches, have regular headaches, and experience eye strain. All of these things are your body’s way of saying, “Please take a break!”

If you do have a getaway on the calendar, don’t forget to pack a chic beach towel.

Have you been feeling desperate for a vacation? Do you have any of the symptoms listed?

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