8 Home Habits That Mean You’re More Intelligent

Gabrielle Savoie

We often feel guilty about our "bad habits"—a sentiment that is only heightened around the start of a new year, when overachievers commit to waking up even earlier, working out even more, and being even more organised—leaving the rest of us feeling like lazy slobs. But what if our biggest flaws at home were actually a sign of higher intelligence?

According to a variety of studies, this time our wishful thinking may actually be true. Finally, you may have a witty response to: Why is your stuff lying around everywhere again? Or: Can you please stop playing video games? The answer may be as simple as: It just means I'm smarter than average. So before you give up too many vices in the name of resolutions and a heightened state of being, relish in the fact that your bad habits may mean you're not only smarter, but they may also make you smarter. So how smart are you, really? Count your vices and find out.

Wondering what else makes you smarter than average? These are also tell-tale signs.

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