The 17 Signs of Falling in Love That Make It Real



When you think about falling hard and fast for someone, you're probably thinking it's going to be due to some grand romantic gesture (like a Big and Carrie moment in Paris). But the truth of the matter is that it's often the little everyday things that are actually the signs of falling in love. And if you're still waiting around for everything to go slow motion and for your favourite Ed Sheeran song to start playing as the soundtrack to your life, then you should probably think again.
In fact, scientists have determined that falling in love is a real thing and your brain goes into a specific state when you're newly in love. This means that scans of your brain look significantly different from those when you're not in love or when you're with a long-term partner. But since we're not going out getting brain scans to double-check if we're falling for someone (or not), there are some surefire signs of falling in love that we can keep an eye out for. Keep reading to see the top 17 indicators below, backed by science and relationship experts. 

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