This Entrepreneur’s Social Strategy Got Her to 1.5 Million Followers

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

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For new small businesses, social media is the ultimate marketing tool—it’s free, an even playing field, and has the potential to be highly effective. Entrepreneur and founder of online fashion portal Showpo, Jane Lu, is walking proof. Launching Showpo back in 2010, Lu set her social media sights high around two years ago and with now almost a million Instagram followers and a Facebook community of over half a million she hasn’t looked back. Speaking with SmartCompany, Lu shared her expertise revealing her top social media tips which are invaluable for every business owner. Read on to find out how you can lift your social media game.

1. Focus on one platform first

For new up-and-coming businesses starting out, Lu recommends focusing on one platform at a time. Dedicate specific time to that platform and developing specific content rather than allowing it to an afterthought.

2. Test and learn

Lu and the team at Showpo constantly review, learn and adapt social media content to ensure their providing the customer with what they want and engage with. “We do it based on the number of likes, engagement and links that generate revenue—we look at the clicks on that,” Lu tod Smart Company. “I actually know Instagram is working because we’re selling so much internationally.”

3. Be consistent and original

Keep your content and posting times consistent to build a relationship with your audience. At Showpo, they now share Facebook content eight times a day and Instagram posts around 13 times a day. Additionally, apporximately 75% of Showpo’s Instagram posts are original content which are produced during their two weekly photoshoots.  

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