This E-Retailer Has a Dreamlike Online Following, Here's What You Can Learn

Katie Fowler
by Katie Fowler

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Instagram has a new purpose. What was started as a sharing platform for in-the-moment snaps, has turned into many business owners' secret tool. As an arena to reach audiences on a global scale, why wouldn't they? Reaching people all over the world with an image and a caption is a powerful thing in today’s landscape and it's something Jane Lu wanted to harness.

As the founder of Showpo, Lu created an Australian e-retail phenomenon, which now boasts more than a million Instagram followers and has a marketing plan all business owners can learn from. Business Insider Australia reported that while Showpo started with only four employees, it created its first million-dollar month two years later, and can now impressively state that this year it has a run-rate of $30 million—that’s a lot of playsuits. "People don’t realise how important marketing is," Lu says. "Yes, the product will speak for itself [if it’s good] but these days someone else will do a similar product but market it better."

Fashion, beauty, accessories, and homewares—take one look at the retailer's online store and you will find yourself adding to cart more than once. With categories like "executive" and "apartment", audiences from all demographics can be captured (and it doesn't hurt that their Instagram page is filled with beautiful real-life girls modelling the clothes). "I think so much of it is to think about what would you like as a customer?" says Lu, and this is what any business owner can tap into. It's all about the customer and reaching them, and it just so happens Showpo knows exactly who and where their customer is.

Does your business use social media as a marketing tool? Let us know in the comments. Head to Business Insider Australia for a behind-the-scenes look at the marketing machine.

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