This New Sydney Wellness Space "Works Like a Gym, Looks Like a Spa"

Lauren Payne

Finding a good gym can be difficult, but finding one that caters to your wellness needs and your fitness needs is even harder. This is where Shelter comes in. 

Tucked away in the leafy Sydney suburb of Double Bay, Shelter describes itself as a place that "feels like a spa, works like a gym", which couldn't be more truthful. With spin classes, saunas (both traditional and infrared), ice baths and an in-house smoothie bar available, the space blends functionality with a relaxed ambiance to create a place where clients feel pampered as they workout.

With a minimal colour palette consisting of whites, pastels, silver and charcoal, Shelter seems more like a wellness retreat than a gym. Natural wood accents contrast the semi-industrial space and the open terrace provides clients with an area to cool down in after a spin class or sauna. 

Rather than blocking areas off with thick walls, Shelter simply divides the space with screens, providing privacy, whilst also taking advantage of the large shed-like space. The studio is open and inviting, and thanks to interior designer Anna Trefely, a place where Sydney-siders can go for a workout and be transported into an inner-city oasis. 

Click through to take a tour of the unique new fitness studio.

tour shelter's interiors

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