Meet the Vogue Stylist Behind This New Cali-Cool Haircare Line

The California lifestyle has an undeniable lure all its own. It's sun-drenched beaches and bathing suit–clad babes—the stuff of Beach Boys anthems and enviable Instagram posts. Now, thanks to former Vogue stylist Shelby Wild, you can exude Cali-cool vibes even if you're landlocked. 

After the search for a pared-down haircare routine left Wild empty-handed, the entrepreneur decided to take the plunge and launch Playa, a botanical-based brand with product names that evoke an endless summer state of mind. The simplicity of the five-piece line reflects Wild's transition from life in fast-paced New York City to laid-back Los Angeles. "I thrive on being connected to nature, so moving to Cali and slowing my pace of life—gardening, surfing, hiking—has allowed me to focus and achieve the work-life balance I want," she told MyDomaine of her decision to make the move and pursue her passion for beauty. Seeing as Playa is available in stores such as Sephora, we'd say her decision to take a career risk has been a resounding success.

We ask the former Vogue stylist about leaving fashion to pursue her passion for beauty, including the biggest risk she took that paid off, the self-care rituals that keep her motivated and inspired, and the one piece of advice she has for other women who want to take a leap but fear change.

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