This One Home Décor Item Will Make Your Home Instantly Cool

Lauren Powell
by Lauren Powell

If you want to take your home from casual to cool with just one item—look no further than a sheepskin throw. This humble, natural textile is having a huge moment right now and if it was even cooler to have multiple, then we’d already own a hundred. Not only is it super chic, but it’s also an ideal addition coming into the cooler months to warm up your abode in style. Throw it over your statement chair, add it to your bedroom floor, or toss it over the end of your sofa and say hello to your Pinterest-worthy new space. Scroll down to shop our favourites.

We also love IKEA's super-affordable sheepskin, which you can shop in store. 

Do you own a sheep skin throw? If so, we’d love to know how you style it in your home—tell us below!

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