Shay Mitchell Shares Her Favourite Secret Menu Items Across the U.S.

Sacha Strebe

Shay Mitchell is a woman of many talents. While she's an incredible actress (who else was addicted to Pretty Little Liars?), beautiful model, and popular vlogger (she has over 1.4 million followers on her YouTube channel), there's one more little-known accolade she can add to the résumé: foodie. In fact, her passion for cuisine goes beyond mere consumption, it's now her profession, thanks to a new role as Creative Director of Off the Menu. Mitchell teamed up with founder Lawrence Longo to oversee the brand aesthetic and star in their new series, Celeb Bites. She has also been instrumental in sourcing the app's amazing secret menu items across America. 

"Lawrence and I have been finding secret menu items together for years," she said. "We discovered the French Onion Soup Poutine at Terrine here in L.A. as well as the 50/50 Burger at Seven Lamps in Atlanta. We discovered a ton of off-menu items at Piccolo Sogno in Chicago—my favourites were the Branzino and the Mushroom Risotto." As someone who travels extensively, Mitchell loves making new discoveries at every stop. "I love how the app allows everyone to have that feeling of exclusivity," she said. "I travel a lot and it makes me feel like a local insider even when I am 5000 miles away from home."

Thanks to the app, Mitchell has a ton of new go-to meals, but her favourite foods are actually on the menu. "Pizza and anything with hot sauce," she said. "I grew up loving spicy food, and nothing has changed." So for someone who loves pizza so much, how does she keep in shape? "I love to work out as much as I love to eat (ok, maybe I enjoy eating slightly more)," she said. "I try to switch it up with activities like boxing and spinning to keep me active every day. All in moderation." (You should see her fitness closet.)

Ahead, Mitchell shares her favourite secret menu items from L.A., Toronto, and beyond.

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