My Plus One: Shanina Shaik and DJ Ruckus

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Welcome to My Plus One. Each month, we’ll be getting personal with our favourite celebrity couples to find out everything from what they love most about each other, how they met, where they shared their first kiss, and everything in-between. First up, we chatted with Australia model Shanina Shaik and her fiancé, American disc jockey, DJ Ruckus.

As a Victoria Secret’s model and a famous DJ, it’s safe to say that when Shanina Shaik and Greg Andrews (affectionately known as DJ Ruckus) became an item, they immediately became our new favourite It couple.

Acquaintances for a few years, the talented pair first officially met at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, then late last year, they announced their engagement. We recently got personal with the genetically blessed duo and found our that they are basically the definition of #couplegoals. Read on to find out what you didn’t already know, but want to know, about one of the coolest couples roaming the streets of NYC.

MYDOMAINE: What do you think are you partner’s best traits?

SHANINA SHAIK: “Greg is very kind, loving, and the life of a party!”

GREG ANDREWS: “Moral system and sense of humour.”

MD: What’s their guilty pleasure?

SS: “Activities! Greg can't say no to an activity. He is always up for an adventure.”

GA: “Icecream, chocolate, and cake! She can't say no to sweets.”

MD: What makes them laugh the most?

SS: “Me! My silly and goofy humour makes Greg laugh the most. We are always laughing together.”

GA: “I think I do... Also her best friends and her brother.”

MD: What is your favourite thing to do together?

SS: “We travel and work so much, so when we have time for ourselves all I want to do is lay in bed with him, watch movies, order food, and cuddle.”

GA: “Nothing at all. Just being together. We work and travel a lot, so that special time of doing nothing together is perfect.”

MD: What’s the best date you’ve shared together?

SS: “I have shared many amazing dates with Greg, but I would have to say my first trip to the Bahamas with him was the best date. It was very romantic and lots of fun. He went of his way to make it special and memorable.”

GA: “Shanina surprised me and took me to a dope sushi restaurant in Brooklyn called 1 or 8 for Valentine’s Day.”

“Greg is very kind, loving, and the life of a party!”

MD: How did you meet? 

SS: “Greg and I had been acquaintances of one another through mutual friends for a few years. But, I think we both agreed that we properly met in Coachella. He approached me at an after party and asked me to hang out with him [laughs].”

GA: “Fate. I first met Shanina at a restaurant in New York. We spoke and found out we had mutual friends. Years after that I saw her again in Coachella and that's where it all began.”

MD: Do you remember what one another was wearing when you first met?

SS: “Blue jeans, Denim jacket, ripped tee, and gold chains around his neck.”

GA: “She was wearing a blue/silver sequin dress.”

MD: What’s their worst habit?

SS: “Causing a Ruckus [laughs]! Greg will leave anything everywhere and not pick up after himself.”

GA: “She can be a worrywart or over-thinker.”

MD: If you had to pick a song to describe your partner, what would it be and why?

SS:Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette. Greg is so kind and truly just an amazing person! He makes me feel so grand and very special. This song I believe relates to his loving persona and how I feel for him.”

GA:Sex With Me by Rihanna—the title speaks for itself [laughs].” 

“My favourite memory of Shanina is dancing in the desert in Burning Man together. I fell in love with her all over again.”

MD: Do you remember the first thing you said to each other?

SS: “Greg and I have had five minute conversations over a few years, and it's always been "hi" and "bye" type of conversations. The first thing he said to me when we met in Coachella was " Hey, what are you doing standing alone by yourself? Want to come and hang out with me and my friends?" And I simply replied, ‘Hmmmm, okay.’” 

GA: “It's always been "hi" and "bye" type of conversations over a few years. In Coachella I asked her ‘to come and hang out with me.’” 

MD: What’s your favourite memory of one another?

SS: “Falling in love and having fun together in Coachella. We were around all of our best friends, listening to music, just being young, and partying.”

SS: “My favourite memory of Shanina is dancing in the desert in Burning Man together. I fell in love with her all over again.”

MD: Where did you first kiss?

SS: “The last night of Coachella at an after party.”

GA: “In Coachella at an after party by the tennis court.”

MD: How would you describe your partner to other people?

SS: “A true gentleman. The most amazing and kindest soul you will ever meet. Oh, and a damn good DJ!”

GA: “A dignified woman and very funny.”  

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