This Simple Skill Will Make You Sexier to Future Partners

Sacha Strebe

So you have a hot date coming up, the outfit is chosen, your hair is done, and maybe your nails are primed too, but if this recent survey is anything to go by, you should probably ditch them for a refresher budgeting course. Both baby boomers and millennials agree that financial skills are more important than looks when finding a partner. In fact, financial responsibility ranked right up there in the top three most attractive traits, along with a sense of humour and compassion. It turns out that being good with money is more important than physical chemistry, diligence, and even intellect. If you don't have the cash now, don't stress. Among the 500 millennials and 500 boomers surveyed, budgeting and timely bill paying are more important than your current salary because they prove you have the potential to earn more in the future. For more details from the survey, visit Money.

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