"Sex and the City" Is Back: Tour the Characters' Original Apartments

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From taste-testing Tartinis with Stanford on the Lower East Side to fleeing her bust of a 35th birthday party at Il Cantinori (the one downtown), we've grown up alongside Carrie Bradshaw and her many adventures involving both sex and the city. The iconic six-season series (and two movies) contextualised an idealised Manhattan life in the '90s that went on to fuel the lofty lifestyle aspirations for generations of women to come. Beyond the covetable clothes, racks of shoes, and seemingly endless lunching opportunities in the then-burgeoning Meatpacking District, the carefully curated home décor set the backdrop for the enviable lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha.

Production designer Jeremy Conway is the man responsible for creating what every woman's New York City dreams are made of. Conway designed each woman's apartment in the series and both movies, moving Carrie from a one-bedroom apartment on East 73rd street to closet heaven with Big on the Upper East Side.

"We had our specific looks that we had built around the characters and then we were able to sort of go off and say, right, we want that to be a more modern compact space," said Conway to Vogue Living's Cassandra Green. In terms of developing the personalities of each of the four women, Conway zeroed in on the details: "We focused a lot more on real materials in the apartments, beautiful wallpapers, just the details and textures that you would expect to see." 

Take a peek into Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda's New York City apartments we all know and love.

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