We Can't Believe It's IKEA!

Julia Millay Walsh
SemiSHAKER2_grande SemiBamboo_large
The ubiquity of IKEA can be a turn-off if you want something that feels bespoke and handmade, but you can't argue with the brand's price tags. Meeting you in the middle is Semihandmade, a fine custom furniture and cabinetry brand that specialises in bringing handmade craftsmanship to IKEA products. Purchase the mega-brand's wallet-friendly, sturdy, readymade kitchen or bathroom cabinets, which feature Blum hardware and are available without doors and drawer faces, and then select customised doors, panels, and drawer faces from Semihandmade, and you'll save 30% to 40% on the cost of typical custom kitchen. Your guests won't know you set foot near a Swedish meatball.
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Do any of you have IKEA cabinetry in your home? Would you consider having custom doors made? Sound off in the comments.

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