How to Push Past Emotional Blocks and Start Living the Life You Deserve

Sophie Miura

How well do you really know yourself? I don't mean surface learnings, like what colour hair suits you best or what kind of person you're attracted to, but rather the intricacies and intimacies that only one person can discover: you. 

"You can really only gain deeper self-awareness about your life, your thoughts, feelings, and needs when you lessen the external distractions, pause, and allow yourself to turn inward for those insights," says Lisa Ferentz, psychotherapist and author of Finding Your Ruby Slippers: Transformative Life Lessons From a Therapist's Couch. She says that too often, we allow the frantic pace of life to cloud our thoughts. "As long as you are in perpetual motion, you can never gain access to those insights, and as a result, you will tend to stay stuck, putting a glass ceiling on the extent to which you can grow both personally and professionally."

To delve a little deeper, Ferentz recommends "taking your emotional temperature" by asking yourself five important questions. "It's about practicing the skill of checking in with yourself and asking, Right now, what am I feeling? or What do I need that I'm not getting?” 

Pause and ask yourself these five crucial questions to live a happier, healthier, more self-aware life. 

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